Are you ready for a new Social Media platform with no scammers or fake profiles, just real social value and genuine users?

Wigwaum Work

WORK is a business social network providing professionals with a whole new world of opportunities. Whether you are looking to recruit the best talent, expand your business network, or liase confidentially, WORK offers everyone a unique, ad-free experience like no other.

No fake profiles

There are growing concerns in online business communities of fake profiles being used to send automated messages and scam people. WORK is the real deal. All our users will be verified using a rigorous biometric identification system.

Everyone wants authentic connections because they provide new business, helpful advice, and friendly support. You needn’t worry about suspicious friend requests in your ever-growing network of opportunities. Save time and stress and ditch the deadend messages and stalkers coming your way.

Unlimited Video Calls and Safe UMails

Your WORK account includes an abundance of features to support your business, one of which is an unlimited one-to-one and group-to-group video calls option. Connect with your team, prospects, clients or interview candidates directly on WORK and save on Zoom and Skype payments. 

UMail – Is Wigwaums unique email. Every Wigwaum user will be able to get there own safe and secure email account that will be –

End to End Encryption

All your calls and interactions are embedded with end-to-end encryption, making WORK a sanctuary for important, sensitive or confidential discussions. Now facing lawsuits, Zoom has admitted to sharing user data with Facebook and suffers huge problems with hackers breaching meetings on their platform. Our stringent verification process and data protection offers you total privacy. Intrusive users can be easily identified.

Discover Top Talent and Dream Jobs

Tap into talented professionals. LinkedIn Recruiter costs start at $8,999 per year. On WORK, you can search profiles and get in touch with candidates without a hefty bill.

LinkedIn and recruitment sites typically demand buckets of cash from businesses for job adverts. We want to match you up with the best candidates as part of your subscription. Our algorithm is designed to deliver relevant results. Recruiters and HR managers shouldn’t have unnecessarily high piles of CV’s to rush through.

As an employee or jobseeker, WORK can place you in a great position to land a dream job. WORK makes your life easier to help find and apply to the companies that are right for you. We will weed out the dodgy dealers, misfit roles, and help you become a superstar candidate for employers. We understand your frustration in spending hours writing cover letters, only for your application to disappear into the ether without a trace. Take full advantage of a smaller pool of applicants and improve your chances of getting employed.

Sign up now to secure your place as a tester for WORK. Your feedback is important to us and could be implemented when the much-anticipated business social network is released in June 2021.


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