Wigwaum Hut

Why Wigwaum?

The word Wigwam derives from the 17th Century Ojibwa word Wigwaum, a variant of the Algonquian word wikiwam (literally meaning ‘their house’).

Wikiwams (or wetus) are Native American houses used by Algonquian Indians in the woodland
regions. Wigwam is the word for “house” in the Abenaki tribe, and wetu is the word for “house”
in the Wampanoag tribe.

Wigwaum [ wig-wʌm / wig-wuhm ]

We have chosen the original Ojibwa 17 th century spelling which includes the ‘U’ as the ‘U’ in the
word is a critical part of what WIGWAUM stands for – quite simply the ‘U’ is there because
everything we do is about ‘U’ the person, U the user as in the second person tense and we love the
fact the literal meaning for Wigwaum is ‘their house’.

Why? Because a house has so many different meanings and here are the meanings, we want to
embody within Wigwaum.

  • A place for human habitation.
  • People living in a house; a household or home.
  • A place in which people meet for a particular activity.

The Wigwaum house, or home, will embody a safe place for people to meet, chat, respect one another, for love and for general wellbeing.

Our home is a safe and secure place, an enjoyable place where you can meet your friends, family, colleagues, and like minded people, to live, laugh, learn, share, love, create, and most of all respect everybody within the Wigwaum household.

The four elements of LIFE, LOVE, WELLNESS and WORK cover all aspects of the Life/Work harmony that exists in every home.

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