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The state of wellbeing...

Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Everyone is on a mission to feel good and there are more choices than ever to help improve our lives. And yet, reality paints a rather gloomy picture.

Mental health disorders have been rising for several years, with 1 in 4 people now suffering from a diagnosis. This starts early, as three-quarters of problems are established by the age of 24. You may feel stressed, anxious, lonely, depressed, paranoid, or have low self-esteem to name a few things.

More so, look at how the sudden global health pandemic exposed the fragile nature of our physical and mental wellbeing. According to CDC data, 1 in 4 young adults say they’ve considered suicide in the past month because of COVID-19. With insufficient systems in place, we end up with clogged hospitals, delayed testing, and restricted access to help.

This needs to stop. It’s time to transform the way we diagnose and improve health and wellness to protect ourselves and loved ones from illness, disease, and mental troubles.

Make WELLNESS the future

Imagine a community of people from all walks of life to discuss your wellness concerns and connect with who are on a similar journey. Making access to health and wellness professionals easy and affordable could be life-changing for many people.

Parents with children using LIFE, a safe community to socialise, can place WELLNESS just a click away to help them grow up happier and healthier. 

It will also connect users to various alternative wellness options, all of their choosing, as well as setting up and joining user groups like yoga, football, running, keeping fit etc. 

We want to invite you to be an early tester of this groundbreaking technology. You’ll be using one of the safest, most secure social platforms in the world. This is a unique opportunity to make a real difference to improve the lives of others and raise up the spirits of the world. 

Sign up now to secure your place as a tester of the Wigwaum app and your feedback could be implemented when the much-anticipated app is released in January 2021.


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