Are you ready for a new Social Media platform with no scammers or fake profiles, just real social value and genuine users?

We want to know about your experiences of social media, good and bad.

We want to

Whether it’s something that happened directly to you or someone you know. It could be meeting up with an old friend you haven’t seen in years, finding out some shocking news about someone close, being stalked by a stranger (or someone you know), targeted by trolls or finding the love of your life we would love to hear about it.

The best stories will be featured on our website and social media and you can choose to keep your details anonymous if you prefer.

The more we learn the better we can make Wigwaum. So if your story is featured or leads to an idea for a new function, safety feature or update to the Wigwaum App we will reward you with
3 months free subscription to Wigwaum LIFE.

We promise that we won’t use or publish any of your information or story without contacting you directly beforehand to confirm your permission.


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