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Wigwaum Love

Dating can be challenging enough to find a match with good chemistry and conversation, nevermind a long-term partner. According to Kaspersky, 55% of people dating online have experienced some form of threat or problem. This includes IT security incidents, meeting up with people that didn’t turn out to be who they claimed, or being rejected by potential matches. Searching for love shouldn’t fill you with fear, anxiety, and concerns over your safety. Dating should be stress-free and not a part-time job. Introducing WIGWAUM LOVE.

Lock down ‘the one’

We make it our business to help you feel safe about online dating. Less negative experiences make you more open to positive ones. Our team works tirelessly to prevent bad actors and deception right from the beginning. We use biometrics to screen users before they can qualify for an account. We are able to identify users by verifying digital identity. This deters fake accounts, catfishing, and potential criminals from reaching you, and frees up some of your mental energy. NO predators, NO perpetrators of scams, NO fake profiles, NO phishing, NO extortion scams, just safety and security.

While other dating apps focus on new ways to maximise profits, we will always prioritize adding extra precautions to ensure there is no ‘funny business’ on dates that endangers our members

Quality connections. Fun Conversation.

Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But in a smaller pond like LOVE, each match could be your perfect catch. In a safer and more intimate environment, people make a greater effort to develop deep and meaningful relationships. Experiencing LOVE is to spark genuine connections that give you the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, but without the hard work of filtering out the clutter.


LOVE is part of the Wigwaum ecosystem in which people also interact with friends, family, businesses, and focus on their wellbeing. Being part of the Wigwaum family reduces misbehaviour because all our members are verified and reflect our values of close relationships, security, respect, growth, and LOVE.


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