Apps are tracking who you likely talk to on WhatsApp, and other online activity

Apps are tracking who you talk to on WhatsApp and other online activity

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messenger app, has long promoted itself as a champion for user privacy. It was an early adopter of encrypted messaging, which helps to protect people’s private conversations. But as the Facebook estate faces growing scrutiny, new investigations into WhatsApp exposes loopholes that allow your online activity to be tracked. Business Insider has […]

Facebook Whistleblower Says Tech Giant Ignored Global Political Manipulation


Former Facebook data scientist, Sophie Zhang, has released a 6,600-word memo exposing how the platform is ripe for abuse and helping to sway political elections around the world. Zhang worked in the Facebook Site Integrity fake engagement team for 3 years and discovered foreign governments attempting to abuse the platform. “I have personally made decisions […]

The cost of ‘free’ social media


At first glance, ‘the cost of free social media’ seems to make no sense. How can something that is free cost money? The industry is a classic case of smoke and mirrors. Allow us to break down how the ‘free’ model of social media may be eating into more than just your bank account. Your […]

Who owns your digital identity and how can you protect it?

Who owns your digital identity and how can you protect it?

If you browse the internet or use ‘smart’ devices, there’s a good chance you already have a digital identity. In the past, identity was verified in-person and exchanges of information were usually forgotten or never collected in the first place. This system was far from perfect and inconvenient for everyone involved but the dangers were […]

Why Wigwaum?

Wigwaum Hut

The word Wigwam derives from the 17th Century Ojibwa word Wigwaum, a variant of the Algonquian word wikiwam (literally meaning ‘their house’). Wikiwams (or wetus) are Native American houses used by Algonquian Indians in the woodland regions. Wigwam is the word for “house” in the Abenaki tribe, and wetu is the word for “house” in […]